Visual editor not working after WordPress update

If you are here is because you have the same issue I had: blank Visual Editor after WordPress update.

In my case was an update to WordPress: 4.1

I spent a couple of evenings disabling and enabling plugins, disabling and enabling themes, and many other tricks found on Google… but without success.

Only at this point I tried the Chrome Developer Console: it saved my life 🙂
What I noticed there is that there where some calls to a file called plugin.min.js under wp-include/js/tinymce/plugins/hr , but the “hr” folder didn’t exist at all!

And these are the steps I followed to fix the issue:
1) Make a backup of wp-include/js/tinymce
2) Downloaded a fresh WP source code
3) Delete wp-include/js/tinymce
4) Upload the new wp-include/js/tinymce you have in the downloaded zip file.

This worked for me!

Apparently the upgrade process didn;t work properly for WordPress, maybe because I was upgrading from a too old version (3.5)? Who knows….

Did this article helped you? Please let me know!