Send SMS with Twilio via Zoho CRM Webhooks

Zoho CRM and Sending SMS, this is something that more and more people want to integrate in the most different ways within the famous CRM.

Last customer request was: “Hey Max I want to send SMS at a specific step of one Blueprint workflow witihin Zoho, can you help me?”

Let’s do it!

First step: let’s google it, I’m sure someone had same problem, yes looks like, but answers I found were not really helpful, so the next was “Ok let’s try the Rinse&Repeat method :)” and I started some testing till the point I probably found the way to do so.

1) Login into your Zoho CRM and go to Settings -> Actions -> Webhook

2) Click on “Configure Webhook”

3) Pickup a nice name for this one

4) URL that’s the interesting part, I made it work this way:

Please make sure you replace your Account Sid and Auth Token with the one in your Twilio Dashboard

5) Method: POST

6) Module: the CRM module you want the Webhook to work with

7) Skip to “Append Custom Parameters “and add the From one and as value put there your Twilio Phone number

8) To and Body: you can still use Custom Parameters so setup “To” number and SMS Body, but you can also use the predefined Zoho variable in the section above “:Append Entity Parameter” where you can actually select values you already have in your CRM (such has phone number of contact or lead, etc.)

That’s it!

If you need any help or consultation please feel free to contact me